Andrius Kovelinas


Generally, my themes are women. When it comes to painting women i am taking great joy from this subject and will continue to pursue painting extraordinary works of beautiful women as long as i will be able to paint. Women are designed amazingly by our Creator. All works are oil on canvas, but style and technique are not so important. So the tools are classic As usual small brushes. First – the ide
a is sketched on paper, then the real painting is produced. The only problem is time. I cannot create fast. Each work required preparation (the idea) and then realisation. I never paint directly on canvas without sketches. It can take between 2 days to 3month. As a result a beautiful picture is produced. It is good to know that there are people out there who love my work. The important thing is that the people love the art, when a person buys my work and hangs it up on their wall, with positive energy and love. They not only have a beautiful picture, but a good mood and a small part of me, the artist.