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Karol Bąk 2015


  Karol Bąk – Sito Ufficiale: http://www.karolbak.com/

Karol Bąk


Karol Bąk Sito Ufficiale: http://www.karolbak.com/ Biography Karol Bąk (born in 1961) – painter, draftsman and graphic artist. In 1984-89 he studied at the State Higher School of Fine Arts (now renamed to The University of Arts in Poznan) at the graphic art faculty. He graduated with honours and got two university degrees: from proffesor’s Tadeusz…

Karol Bàk


Karol Bàk * Painting * Official site: http://www.karolbak.com/ Biography Karol Bak (born 1961) – painter, illustrator and graphic designer. In the years 1984 – 1989 he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts (now ASP) in Poznan at the Faculty of Graphic Arts. Studies completed two diplomas with honors, in the laboratory of Professor graphics. Tadeusz…