Nicola Vietti 


Nicola Vietti was born in Marseille March 22, 1945 to Italian parents from Puglia migrated to France at the beginning of the century. Numerous solo and group exhibitions. It ‘catalogs and magazines. He currently lives and works in Milan, after a long period spent in Paris. The figures of maidens Nicola Vietti, you can look on each side, three-quarter profile, standing behind me. The significance of the face, the deep similarity, coaxing and facial expressions between the romantic and sensual you will lose infinity. Little women languid and serene, fleshy and fickle, luxurious and sly, peaceful and quiet, cultured standing or resting on the sofas, walk with hats and headbands wrap your hair short, Nicola Vietti leaves no detail of this pantomime post-aristocratic capturing and highlighting all its educational libertinità, corruption salon, the weapon adulteress, the romantic love affair, the fatalistic malice. The style may refer to the fathers, that should not be forgotten at this point, as the international Botero Bueno offering Nicola Vietti an opportunity to start a style attempted with disenchantment. The decoration and color from dark green to pastel green from red to orange, from white and cream to the blues and the celestial themes and conventions that mark only women bistro, or bedroom, or brothels that unfortunately there are Moreover, manifested so clearly. A caption joy like a triumph ballad daily and smiling faces. Faces winking. Grimaces and looks. And the entire surface of the face Painted laughs. Strange way to laugh. They are the eyes laughing. Of joy and sex … Nicola Vietti, as this anthology lewd, bambolesca, own play, opens the show erotic, made of tights and underwear, but also of pink flesh and penetrating glances. The art starts in these calls.