Peter Mandl

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1947 Born in Prague, Czechoslovakia.
1962 – 66 Studied at the College of Glass Art in Zelezny Brod, Czechoslovakia
1966 – 67 Worked as a glass grinder in Prague
1967 – 68 Worked at the Glassworks in Zelezny Brod
1968 Admitted to the College of Art, Prague
1968 Came to Sweden as a political refugee
1969 – 72 Studied at Konstfackskolan, Stockholm
1970 Resident at Glasskolan in Orrefors
1972 Trial employment at the Kosta Glassworks, member of Kro
1974 – 76 Freelance designer for West German glassworks, Beyer & Co
1975 Son Paul born
1976 Daughter Ingela born, Granted Swedish citizenship
1977 Married Gunilla Kempe
1977 – 80 Freelance designer for Orrefors Glassworks
1981 Member of sculptors’ association
1986 Moved to Halmstad
1987 Member of Halmstad Artists’ Association
1993 Moved to Påarp on the outskirts of Halmstad where he built his working studio by the sea
* At the end of the 70’s Peter worked exclusively with bronze but returned to glass at the beginning of the 90’s. Today he works both with glass and bronze.

* Apart from Sweden Peter’s work has also been sold to private art collectors in Norway, Denmark, Czech Republik, Israel, and the USA.