“Sunset Tango II” olio su tela 24×36 2011
“Total Zugzwang” olio su tela 24×25 2011 
“Dodocycle II” olio su tela 24×20 2011
“Fugace Echo Of The Golden Age” Olio su tela 24×20 2011 
“Real Tango” olio su tela 20×16 2011 
“Nuove Regole del Gioco vecchia” olio su tela 24×38 2011
“Chirr di mezza estate”, olio su tela 30×24 2011
Michael Cheval * Natura Assurdità *
“Melody of Rain” 30×24 olio su tela 2011

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Michael Cheval is the world’s leading contemporary artist , specializing in absurd paintings , drawings and portraits. In his definition, ” absurdity ” is an inverted side or reality, a reverse side of logic. It does not emerge from the dreams of surrealists , or the work of the subconscious. It is a game of imagination, where all ties are carefully chosen to construct a literary plot . Any one of Cheval ‘s paintings is a map of his journey into illusion . His work is often metaphorical and requires a sharp eye to decipher the often hidden allusions .
Born in 1966 in Kotelnikovo , a small town in southern Russia , Cheval developed passion for art in his early childhood. When his family moved to Germany in 1980, the Western European culture has made a big impression on the young artist. In 1986 , he moved to Turkmenistan and Ashgabat is a graduate from the School of Fine Arts Absorbing Eastern philosophy and the character of Central Asia , he began working as an independent professional artist , shaping his style and surrealistic direction . His decision to emigrate to the United States in 1997 began a new era for the artist. He returned to Western culture that greatly inspired him in German youth , but now he has brought his experience , his philosophy , and vision.

In 1998 , Cheval became a member of the prestigious National Arts Club in New York, where he was distinguished with the Exhibition Committee Award in 2000 . He is also a member of the Society for Art of Imagination since 2002. Cheval released two albums – Lullabies art full of color in 2004, and the nature of absurdity in 2007. His work is internationally acclaimed and can often be seen in galleries United States and abroad.