Mandy Tsung

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The primary focus of Mandy Tsung’s artwork is the human figure. Her paintings portray emotionally complex individuals that all seem to resonate with a definite sense of self, while at the same time, communicating a feeling of vulnerability. Mandy’s fascination with the female subject began as a child when she was surrounded by novels and comic books containing strong female protagonists and hyper-feminine heroines. Nowadays, Mandy uses her intelligent & beautiful friends as models.

The painting materials and substrates that she uses are an important part of her creative process. Within each painting, much room is given over to experimentation & play, allowing the materials to dictate their own organic texture in the backgrounds, creating a compositional balance to the controlled, tightly detailed portraits. It offers subtle layers of meanings, creates an Ukiyo-e sense of space that envelopes her lone figures, and frees them from the conventions of purely representational painting.

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