Laurent Fièvre

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Into the imagination of Laurent Fever is risking a dizzying look through one-way mirror whose bottom is not lined by a clever combination of tears, bile and lymph. This mud is abundant where the soil rise our toughest nightmares, the most feared also because we gather all awake. This is the dregs of shame , neuroses and obsessions that , hour by hour , century after century, is deposited in the depths of our humanity. The artist has made the centerpiece of his shade palette. As escaped a large leprosarium become prolific workshop, emaciated creatures designed by the painter have the umbilical cord and even a long chain disassembly . Subtracted and divided the human material in various mutilations breath recreation . The artist is a builder of monsters by demolitions. But if demolished , it is the tip of the chisel . Burn because the emotion in the marble flesh guess as much patience as thoroughness . At the border of the grotesque and the sublime , the work of Laurent traumatic fever convene this beautiful part of the set in secret ugly to draw a lack of aesthetic and counting . If the lame and rickety menagerie which he is the sire awakens in us the fascinating high -le- heart is that rough contours of all these poor wretches are modeled on ours : clinical horror exhibited on canvas and paper, as the center of an amphitheater of dissection, is indeed an expression of our inner weaknesses. Fetal moisture until cadaveric aridity , the painter search each stratum of existence to allow flush all the evils that fossilize our world, our community life. In the manner of a figure of speech , each amputation of body is a rhetoric of universal suffering . Blind, dumb and deaf, tortured Laurent Fever not assail us within cries and eyes that tell hopelessness and bite into our souls. Shadows of themselves , and ourselves, they carried through their gross duplicated swatch black feelings nudity. Because, although a white limestone , as lapidifiée , skin hides nerves intact or increased sensitivity. Crucified under torture iron and blood , flesh finally admitted in his open bite and his stumps in effusions of body fluids , all unsaid that muzzle our society. Anonymous , asexual , calling her all that the French language has prefixes private , the parade of stiff body artist assembles canvas bag can not be reduced to one social message which crosses a simple educational purpose or worse, exercises style morbid sadism. It is mostly the embodiment of a genuine desire to create, celebrate the richness of human sensations and feelings need to ask about the fragility , the vanity of man tender and merciful gaze .

Nicolas LIAU .