Karol Bàk * Painting *

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Karol Bak (born 1961) – painter, illustrator and graphic designer. In the years 1984 – 1989 he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts (now ASP) in Poznan at the Faculty of Graphic Arts. Studies completed two diplomas with honors, in the laboratory of Professor graphics. Tadeusz Jackowski and drawing workshop with Professor. Jaroslaw Kozlowski.
Received awards:
prize for the graphics, “Diploma 89”, Torun 1989,
I prize and medal, “XXI Post-Competition for the best exhibition of graphics and drawing medal year. John Wroniecki “.
After studying for three years dabbled in copperplate and drawing. Over the next few years he designed and made ​​several trips artistic. In the second half of the 90s began to cultivate oil painting, which professionally since 2000.
His works include such form thematic series such as “Sailing”, “dialogues”, “cocoons”, “Aureole”, “Four Elements”, “Judith and Salome.”
Painter had several solo exhibitions and participated in group exhibitions parunastu, mainly in Poland, Germany and the Netherlands.
currently deals mainly with easel painting and drawing.
His work can be seen in the salons of the exhibition:
Klucznik Gallery in Gdańsk;
Gallery SD;
Gallery Meeting in Warsaw
Go Gallery – Amsterdam, The Netherlands;
Rainbird Fine Art Gallery – London, UK;
Polart – Krefeld, huts, Germany,
The Icon Gallery Virginia, USA.