Jeremy Mann

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Jeremy Mann ( 1979) is a realist painter born in Cleveland, Ohio , graduated from the local university with an honors degree in ” Fine Art -Painting ” (Painting ) .

Later, he ventured to California where he obtained a Master with honors from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

Since then , the name of Jeremy Mann began to be increasingly cited in the art world .

Mann works on wood panels and uses various techniques. His paintings are made by staining the surfaces of the canvases , drying paints with solvents and applying coating material grainy with a diffuser.

Living in downtown San Francisco , Mann paints his immediate surroundings with an expression of intimate and dynamic .

Lauded by critics and collectors, his recent works have often occupied the covers of American magazines for art collectors.

He has won numerous awards since he was an apprentice artist and has won prestigious trophies in more than one category .

Collaborate with twenty art galleries and has a growing number of admirers.

Represented by:

The John Pence Gallery –
The Principle Gallery –
Barbara Frigerio Contemporary – Milan, Italy
The Christopher Hill Gallery – Composition Series –