Claudy Khan

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Claudy Khan, painter of Congolese origin, is a “manual of the soul” beyond painting, explore the sculpture, architecture and design. It multiplies the pictorial experiments and is defined as a painter who does not set any limits. Historically, the painting turns into Claudy KHAN a universe full of fantastic discoveries. For him, painting is a profound experience that constantly likes to explore. As we approach the practice of his art, everyday life disappears and trance artist awakens. Sometimes it becomes totally spectator finishing his canvas. The result sometimes exceeds expectations and reflects his deepest feelings. The artist is a man of simple and close to the people. And ‘this feeling that germ inspiration. It aims to unite art and commitment, he wants to be the bearer of messages, but smooth or aggression and propaganda. His paintings often dress the personification of women, but refer more generally the problems of this world. style abstract, figurative or portrait, Claudy Khan catalysis her. Mixed, composite, or mixed, is defined by a profusion of creative energy that mixes experience and instinct. This choice or rather the lack of stylistic choices allowed to keep its commitment to reach more deeply the soul, as he likes to say. The rule is that you talk about self-expression or control of a style in a job. He walks away and accepts its share of diversity and originality. Therefore, it can be considered an artist is not standard, beyond dogmas that sometimes govern this medium. In addition to the modern feel that strikes us immediately, Claudy Khan paint this particular implementation elements of land.